Development of ZnO–BaO–B2O3–TeO2 glass doped with Sm3+ for orange emitting material

P. Yasaka, R. Rajaramakrishna, W. Wongwan, P. Yamchumporn, H. J. Kim, J. Kaewkhao

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Zinc barium borotellurite glass samples were synthesized with the chemical composition of 10ZnO–30BaO–30B2O3-(30-x)TeO2-xSm2O3 (where 0.05 ≤ x ≤ 1.50 in mol%). Several techniques for XRD, FTIR, absorption, luminescence and decay time measurements were used to investigate the structural and spectroscopic properties. It was found that the XRD patterns revealed amorphous nature of the glass samples. The structural modification of (TeO4) trigonal bipyramid structural units was observed using FTIR spectroscopy. The UV–VIS–NIR absorption spectra displayed seven absorption peaks corresponding to the energy transitions from the ground level 6H5/2 to 6F11/2 (947 nm), 6F9/2 (1085 nm), 6F7/2(1238 nm), 6F5/2 (1385 nm), 6F3/2 (1492 nm), 6H15/2 (1550 nm), and 6F1/2 (1589 nm) excited levels of Sm3+ ion. For the emission spectra, four peaks revealed the transitions 4G5/26H5/2 (563 nm), 6H7/2 (601 nm), 6H9/2 (644 nm) and 6H11/2 (705 nm). The phenomenological intensity parameters Ωλ (λ = 2, 4, 6) according to Judd–Ofelt theory were calculated. The J-O parameters have been used to forecast several radiative properties such as transition probability (AR), branching ratio (βR) and stimulated emission-cross-sections (σp) in 4G5/2 excitation level of samarium ion. The decay patterns of the 4G5/2 level were fitted using non exponential as well as Inokuti–Hirayama (IH) model. The luminescence spectra of Sm3+ ion of the glasses was analyzed with The CIE chromaticity color coordinates. According to the CIE coordinates, it was located in the boundary of orange light in the CIE diagram. All of the results indicated that these glass compositions could be used for preparing a material which will be a potential candidate for laser applications.

Original languageEnglish
Article number106041
JournalSolid State Sciences
StatePublished - Dec 2019


  • Boro-tellurite glasses
  • Sm ions
  • Spectroscopic properties


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